Paul W. Bennett

Paul W. Bennett is director of the Schoolhouse Institute and former adjunct professor of education at Saint Mary’s University. He is the founding chair...

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Aniket Bhushan

Aniket Bhushan is an adjunct research professor at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University, Ottawa. He leads the Canadian International Development...

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Michael Cuenco

Michael Cuenco is an independent researcher and advocate on tax issues. He is currently pursuing a master of global affairs at the Munk School...

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Kimberley Hanson

Kimberley Hanson is director of federal affairs with Diabetes Canada and leader of the Diabetes 360˚ initiative. She has been living with diabetes since...

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Jatinder Mann

Jatinder Mann is an Assistant Professor in History at the Hong Kong Baptist University, formerly from the University of Alberta.

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Andrei Sulzenko

Andrei Sulzenko is a public policy consultant, specializing in microeconomic, innovation, and trade and investment issues. He is an executive fellow at the School of...

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